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Another Vis Ink Event

Do you want to know more about the publishing industry and learn how to get your submissions noticed? Of course you do.

Visible Ink are hosting The Inside Word with the all great and knowledgable Jacinta Di Mase this Saturday. Repeat: this Saturday 16th of July 11am – 2pm. 

Tickets are flying out the door and the day is almost here, so get in quick!  You can grab your ticket here.


With over twenty years experience, Jacinta Di Mase will speak on what an agent does and how one can help an author in this constantly changing industry. Jacinta began her own agency in 2004 and has worked in book selling and publishing for ten years in two of Australia’s premier literary agencies: Australian Literary Management (ALM), and Jenny Darling & Associates. Jacinta is a member of the Australian Literary Agents’ Association (ALAA) and its current secretary.