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VI Launch Recap

Our first Visible Ink event for 2016 was a raging success last Thursday at the Queensberry Hotel. Our intention was to launch the opening of submissions for this year’s Pushing Boundaries edition, to mingle with fellow writers and visual artists and, for the students amongst us, to get to know each other outside of the classroom. A highlight of the night was to hear from former PWE students whose careers in the industry could artfully guide us in the right direction.   Continue reading


What makes a good submission?

For those intending to submit to Visible Ink, other writing competitions or even to the big publishing houses, you may be wondering why some pieces are accepted and others rejected. Many writers know the pain of receiving a rejection without feedback and want to know why, especially when they’ve only ever received good reviews for their piece previously. So in our eyes this is what makes a good submission:  Continue reading

anthology, competition, event, literature, magazine, submissions

It’s all happening tomorrow!

It’s been a big week for VI and it’s not over yet. Tomorrow our submissions open for the 2016 edition of Visible Ink and we’ve broadened our content to include interviews submissions and plenty more. There’s not much that we won’t accept in our Pushing Boundaries edition.

To celebrate our submissions opening we’re getting together at the Queensberry Hotel on Swanston St in the evening – 6pm, Thursday 28th of April. Continue reading

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Join us at the Queensberry

With submissions opening this time next week, we thought it would be a great idea to get together and thought that you might like to join us so that we can talk about anything and everything. Primarily it’ll be writing related, and more than likely to do with our anthology throwing the door open for submissions, but artists don’t need an excuse to get together at a pub on a Thursday night.  Continue reading

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THEME for 2016

It is with pleasure that the Visible Ink Collective for 2016 announce that the theme for this year’s edition is:

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 2.06.46 PM

What is a boundary? Is it a barbed wire fence, or a lake between mountains? Could it be disability, prejudice, sexuality or education? What makes people want to push boundaries? Can boundaries also be stretched in the way technology is used to create visual art?

If you’re an emerging writer, artist or photographer with something to say we’d like to hear from you. Submissions open on Thursday the 28th of April.

The Visible Ink Collective

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“I can smell this Petrichor. A new word. An inky smell.
Black ink that I drink. The feeling of ease, of relief.
Expurgation. The rain cleans everything.”
– Ania Walwicz

The Visible Ink Collective is proud to present their 2015 anthology of new writing and visual art, Petrichor: Visible Ink 27. This year’s collection features short stories, poetry, micro-fiction, art and photography from new and emerging writers and artists from around Australia, all responding to the theme of ‘after the rain’.  Continue reading

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Our book launch was a great success! We’re working to make the buying process as easy as possible. If you’re super keen, click over to our buy page to grab a copy through bank transfer. Otherwise, please check back soon!